“Caños de Fuego” Volcanic Caves Interpretation Center and “Las Palomas” Volcanic Cave


The Caños de Fuego (Fire ducts) Volcanic Caves Interpretation Center was created as a result of the discovery of a system of volcanic tubes in the Las Manchas area, formed by the solidification of  lava emerging from the eruption of the San Juan Volcano in 1949.

This centre aims to teach its visitors about the geological formations that develop during and after volcanic eruptions and at the same time aims to highlight the environmental importance and  fragility of the ecosystems that surround the centre, and the value of conserving them.

The centre has a main exhibition area with visual displays of the geological forms of lava and volcanic tubes, an audiovisual room, guided access to visit the Cueva de Vidrio Volcanic Tube, a souvenir shop, a panoramic viewpoint in the upper part of the centre and a cafeteria.

After visiting the centre itself, cross the road to find the magnificent system of floating walkways that lead to the floating glass viewpoint and access to the Cueva de Las Palomas Volcanic Tube.

Previous information

Logotipo Caños de Fuego - La Palma

Additional Information

From Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

The center will be closed on the following days:

  • December 24th.
  • December 25th.
  • December 31st.
  • January 1.
  • January 6.

Public entrance fees from 11/18/2019 are:

Entrance to the Caños de Fuego Centre – Standard rate: € 8.00 per person.

Entrance to the Caños de Fuego Centre – Discount rate: € 4.00 per person.

Entrance to the walkways and the glass viewpoint -Standard rate: € 4.00 per person.

Entrance to the walkways and glass viewpoint – Discount rate: € 2.00 per person.

The following people may benefit from the discounted rates:

  • Canary Island resident.
  • Large family.
  • Spanish residents who are retired or older than 65.
  • Tourist groups and cultural groups of at least ten people, who made made a reservation 3 days in advance and are accompanied by their own certified tour guide.

The following people may benefit from the free entry:

  • Children up to 12 years old.
  • Retired and elderly residents on the island of La Palma
  • People with disabilities.
  • Unemployed people of the Spanish territory.
  • Journalists visiting as part of their work
  • A guide who accompanies a group of tourists.
  • Educational groups, consisting of students from any level of education, including teaching staff and personnel accompanying said group, with prior reservation.

In order to benefit from the bonuses and exemptions detailed above, it is essential to present valid and current supporting document for each person at the entrance of the centre.

No other financial benefits or exemptions will be conceded other than those contained in this ordinance and those expressly provided for in the laws, or those derived from the application of international treaties.

No more than one discount will be allowed per person.

As a payment method and for security reasons, we only accept payments with bank cards.

We advise you to purchase one of the vouchers available to visit 2 centers or 3 centers at our reception desk.

You will be able to benefit from a saving of 50% in the price of the second and the third center.

Ask us at the reception.

We inform you that you should allow about 1 hour to tour of the Caños de Fuego centre without a guide.

A visit to the Cueva de Vidrio (Glass cave) volcanic tube, located inside the Caños de Fuego center, lasts about 15 minutes per group, with a group of a maximum of 14 people plus the guide from the centre. Groups go to the Cueva de Vidrio with some regularity every day.

Strolling over the lava from the San Juan volcano along the system of catwalks that culminates with the incredible views at the glass viewpoint at the entrance of the Cueva de las Palomas takes about 30 minutes of round-trip.

A visit inside the volcanic tube Cueva de las Palomas usually lasts approximately 1:30 h and the excursion must be booked in advance with the companies authorized to carry out this activity.

  • Bar-Cafeteria “Caños de Fuego” overlooking the lava flow from the San Juan volcano and towards the sea.
  • Shop located at the entrance of the centre.
  • Free parking for cars, buses and bicycles.
  • Audiovisual and conference room.

The “Caños de Fuego” Volcanic Caves Interpretation Center building is adapted to welcome all visitors with reduced mobility, through its system of ramps and lifts.

We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes.

In the outdoor areas we recommend that you wear a cap, sunscreen and sunglasses.



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You must make your reservation in advance for the guided routes in the Volcanic Tube "Cueva de las Palomas" with the following companies: