“El Tendal” Archeological Park

 The nerve centre of Tendal Archeological Park is an enormous cave in which a score of Benahoritas (aborigines from La Palma) lived for at least a thousand years. Five excavation campaigns have been carried out under the direction of Ernesto Martin Rodriguez and Juan Francisco Navarro Mederos that have helped provide abundant cultural information about ancient Palmerans.

 These digs have allowed us to discover and study thousands of remains of household items (ceramics, stone tools, utensils made of bone and shells etc) as well as everyday activities (gathering of plants, seeds, chacoal, bones of domesticated animals, evidence that fish and sea-food were eaten here etc) of the people who lived in this cave. Some of these objects form part of the exhibition.

 In the Visitor Centre you can find information not only about the research conducted in Tendal Cave but also of the ancient district of Adeyahama (now San Andres and Los Sauces), with special emphasis on the inhabitants’ harnessing the natural environment, their magic-religious beliefs (cave engravings, stone cairns and sets of groves and hollows) and funeral customs.

 The exhibition is complete with original archeological pieces, explanatory boards and audiovisuals, whose highlights include a scientific documentary, various short fiction, and video mapping exclusive to General Archeological Park.



Additional Information

From Monday to Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

The center will be closed on the following days:

  • December 24th.
  • December 25th.
  • December 31st.
  • January 1.
  • January 6.

Public entrances fees to the centre from 18/11/2019:

Standard rate: 8.00 euros per person

Discount rate: 4.00 euros per person

The following people can benefit from discount rates:

  • Canary Island residents
  • Large families
  • Spanish residents who are retired or older than 65
  • Tourist groups and cultural groups of at least ten people, who made made a reservation 3 days in advance and are accompanied by their own certified tour guide.

Free entrance for the following:

  • Children up to 12.
  • Retired and elderly residents of La Palma.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Unemployed of the Spanish territory.
  • Journalists visiting as part of their work
  • A guide who accompanies a group of tourists.
  • Educational groups consisting of students in any level of education, including teaching staff and personal who accompany the said group, with prior reservation.

In order to benefit from the bonuses and exemptions detailed above, it is essential to present valid and current supporting document for each person at the entrance of the centre.

No other financial benefits or exemptions will be conceded other than those contained in this ordinance and those expressly provided for in the laws, or those derived from the application of international treaties.

As a payment method and for security reasons, we only accept payments with bank cards.

We advise you to purchase one of the vouchers available to visit 2 centers or 3 centers at our reception desk.

You will be able to benefit from a saving of 50% in the price of the second and the third center.

Ask us at the reception.

Visitors are informed that a free tour of the Tendal centre without a guide could take approximately 45 minutes.

The walk to Tendal Cave, located at the back of San Juan ravine, could take up to 20 minutes there and back, for groups.

  •  Tendal cafe-bar with a panoramic view over San Juan ravine down to the sea.
  • Shop located at the centre entrance.
  • Free parking for cars, buses and bikes

The Tendal Archeological building is adapted to benefit all visitors with reduced mobility using a system of ramps and lifts.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and take a hat, sun cream and sunglasses for outside areas.



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